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General Information

CSA, as an independent nonprofit private organization, was established based on Dominion act on 1919 with the purpose of providing certification services in accordance with CSA standards in order to secure people's safety and to seek convenience for government and industry

Each province in Canada makes its own law like USA, thus Canada has dual structure of federal law and provincial law. However, unlike USA, each province puts in their provincial regulation that electrical appliances must comply with CSA safety standards.

Major items required compulsory CSA certification are electric appliances, electric machinery, electric component, materials and gas, petroleum and gas burner. Low voltage electric appliances by battery are not included. In case that above CSA required products are displayed or offered for sale without provincial approval test, it is supposed to be punished severely by law.

Canada has, unlike other countries, has two situations of having to acquire certification of CSA and approval from the provincial testing authority. The differences between the two are as follows:

1) Approval of Provincial Testing Authority
- The effectiveness of the approval is limited to the corresponding province.
Therefore such approval is not effective in any other provinces.
- Testing is conducted only on the products that has arrived and completed in Canada and
approval is given for each corresponding Lot.
- Approval on special items (high voltage apparatus) that are not handled by CSA is covered
and includes approval for facilitation and usage of such products.
2) Certification of CSA
- It is effective not only in the corresponding province but also throughout Canada.
- Since it follows the system of formative approval, certification must be published and publicly
- It conducts special testing for each Lot on behalf of the provincial testing authorities.
As such, it is more advantageous to obtain CSA Certification than the approval of the
provincial testing authority for the purpose of export. Furthermore, application for testing by
the provincial testing authority is not possible in overseas countries and can only be done
through the existing importers.
CSA for the USA

CSA marked products are used and sold in the U.S. everyday. Many manufacturers choose CSA International for testing and certification specifically because of our experience in working with U.S. standards. But others simply recognize that as an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) accredited by the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) in the U.S., CSA International is fully qualified to test and certify your products to applicable U.S. standards. We test and certify to standards published by ANSI, UL, CSA, NSF and other leading standards publishers.

CSA for Canada

CSA has the #1 marks in Canada and is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC). We test and certify many of the leading brands to ensure that they meet with applicable safety or performance standards.

CSA for Europe and Asia

CSA International has also been accredited in the international CB Scheme for testing to IEC Standards and can also help you demonstrate compliance with CE Marking requirements for Europe. We'll help you understand the requirements and deliver the confortmity assessment services you need through our offices across the U.S. and Canada.

At CSA International, we understand how important it is for you to get your products to market in a timely and efficient manner. We're here to open doors for you.

CSA Marks
CSA International has the #1 Marks in Canada and the only Mark You Need for the U.S.

CSA Marks appear on over one billion products worldwide. Each mark tells you that an authorized testing laboratory has evaluated a sample of the product to determine that it meets applicable national standards.
We have Marks for electrical products, gas-fired appliances, plumbing, HVAC, electronic and a wide range of other products. Whether you are selling your products in the U.S. or Canada CSA can get you the only Mark you need for your qualified products.
Accepted by regulatory authorities, and major retailers and manufacturers means you can sell your CSA certified products in the U.S. and Canada. For a complete listing visit who accepts CSA.
We offer a range of marks to meet different needs for manufactures and consumers in the U.S and Canada. Certification Marks:

CSA for US   CSA for Canada