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Guide for voluntary inspection of safety certification
(major checking point in initial factory audit and routine factory audit).


1. Assessment on factory inspection has been reinforced based on revised directives of "Electric Appliances Safety Control Law" (Jan, 29, 2004)
- Voluntary inspection item and inspection term (electrical appliance safety certification related regulation : refer to 262page (222~261) voluntary inspection item follow inspection term of company rules, but need to satisfy following condition.

『 EMC conformity inspection : over one time per year.
『 Durability inspection taking more than 3 months for inspection : over one time per every 6
『 months.
『 Other inspection items : over one time quarterly.

- The rest of test equipment except for essential devices is able to be contracted with authorized agencies.
- Person in charge for contract to use test equipment for safety certification

2. Future retesting for voluntary inspection items is required, need to prepare voluntary inspection item for safety certification after-service with relevant team.
『 Separate testing fee is required when requesting tests after contract with outside authorized agency.

3. Product testing during routine inspections (Follow-up service) : Product test will be performed in mentioned year based on relevant law (directive, clause 11).

4. Major assessment items on initial factory inspection for safety certification