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Any manufacturer of electric appliances subject to the safety certification or any person who has got the safety inspection for his electric appliances shall mark the safety certification in accordance with article 5 or the safety inspection in accordance with article 2 of 5 or other necessary indications(hereinafter referred to as the "mark of safety certification, etc.") on the electric appliances or on the containers or packages as prescribed by the Ordinance of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy.

1. Safety Certification Marking
a. Marking method and diagram
b. Reference
(1)The size of a diagram indicating safety certification can be adjusted according to the size of the electrical appliances
(2)The marking of safety certification shall be expressed in order to be easily distinguished from the.corresponding product or its container and packaging, and in the method of engraving a seal, not to be removed.
(3)In case of marking of safety certification, other details on Safety Certification Marking may be.additionally marked in a letter of Korean or English around the marking in order to show clearly that.the product received safety certification.
(4)The color of Safety Certification Marking shall be basically black.
2. Marking for safety inspecti

The lower part of the safety certification mark, the marking "Safety inspection completed" shall be.made.on

3. Safety certification exemption marking
The lower part of the safety certification mark, the marking ¡°exemption inspection completed" shall be made.
Mark of electric appliance safety certification

Article 20 (Mark of safety certification)
¨ç Person who obtained safety certification or inspection shall mark the safety certification mark according to the provision Article 14 of the regulation, the other required marking items according annex 3 and the required items by the each standard for electric appliance .
Article 21 (Time for mark of safety certification)
Safety Certification Mark shall be marked before delivering from the warehouse in case of a product manufactured in domestic and shall be marked before making customs clearance in case of an imported product manufactured in foreign country.
Article 22 (Marking method)
The mark of safety certification etc. according to the provision of Article 20 shall marked as the following each item.
1. The product name shall be marked according to the provision of the Article 3 annex 2 of the regulation. Provided, In the case that the other name than the provision of Article 3 annex 2 of the regulation is required, that name shall be used with parentheses after the name according to Article 3 annex 2 of the regulation.
2. The mark of safety certification shall be placed near the safety certification number.
3. The mark shall be so placed that easily ready and readily not removal, or mark as printing or carved. Provided, in the case that to mark on the appliance is not possible because of size, to mark on the tag or box is permitted.
4. The manual shall be described in korean as a rule
5. For the electric wire, the following item shall be applied to.
a. For Electric wires other than fluorine resin insulation wires , the certification mark and rated voltage shall be marked at every intervals of not exceeding 1 meter(on the tape which is in a insulator in case of 600V rubber insulated wire, rubber cord and difficult mark on the surface) on the surface of the wire in the manner readily not removal. if, however, the wires other than cords have marking of certification number and rated voltage at every turns by means of tags, such marking can be omitted on the surface marking.
b. Fluorine resin insulation wires shall be marked with a tag at every turns in a manner readily not erasable.
6. Electric bulbs shall be marked each product on a readily invisible portion of the bulb surface as well as on a readily identifiable portion of the smallest unit of package in a manner readily not erasable. For the small bulbs and decoration lamps with their own unit package other than the certification mark and certification number shall be indicated on the readily identifiable portion of package while the lamps without their own unit package can have markings of certification number without a manufacturing identification number and regional number.
Article 23 (EMI/EMS mark)

The products that passed EMI or EMS tests can have marks of EMI or EMI/EMS with a height proper to their size.

[Annex 3] Contents of marking (related to Article 20)
1. Safety certification mark
2. Safety certification number
3. Product name
4. Model name
5. Input rating
6. Manufacturer name (additionally added country name for foreign manufacturer )
7. Symbol , for double insulated equipment only
8. Rated operating time, for short-time operation equipment
9. Production date. (For example : year and month of production date or lot number or serial number that production date can be traced)
10. Phone number or address of service provider in korea
¡Ø Others (individual safety standard follow its relevant standard)
Time for affixing safety certification mark.
- Domestic product : before placing on the market
- Imported product : before custom clearance