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EMC testing (electromagnetic compatibility testing) is mandatory for electronic and electro-mechanical products before they can be sold on the global market. Certified EMC testing is a critical step in evaluating your product for any harmful emissions and to determine potential susceptibility to stray RF (radio frequency).
BWS Tech Inc. offers EMC testing solutions to clients around the world, providing product testing expertise for global market entry. Our fast and efficient testing programs help clients get their products to market faster and increase their revenue potential.
1) Korea
MIC: (KN22, KN24)

2) U.S.A
FCC: (Part 15, Part 18)

3) Japan
VCCI: (CISPR 22, ANSI C63.4)

4) Europe
CE: EN 55022
EN 55024
EN 55011
EN 55013
EN 61000-6-Series
EN 61000-4- Series
EN 55014-1 , EN55014-2
EN 55015
EN 61000-3-2 , EN61000-3-3
EN 12015 , EN 12016...
- EMI OATS(Open Area Test Site) -2EA (18m X 20m)
- EMI Shield room - 2EA (7m X 4m X 3m)
- EMI Chamber - 3EA (7m X 4m X 3m)
- EMS Chamber - 1EA (7m X 4m X 3m)
- EMS Chamber - 1EA (5m X 8m X 3.5m)
- 3 Phase Measuring Equipment (EMI <Flicker & Harmonics>, Bust, Surge etc.)
- Americas area: FCC, IC...
- Europe area: CE marking°¶
- IEC report: CB report, KOLAS report
- Asia area: MIC, CCC, VCCI °¶