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With so many electrical product safety testing standards currently in use and many civil and legal actions pending in various courts around the world, electrical product safety testing is more critical than ever to ensure that all products are safe before they reach the end-user. Fortunately, the majority of manufacturers are fully aware of the hazards associated with electrical equipment and the ramifications of noncompliance with relevant safety standards or test house agreements.
Manufacturers need to know and understand the product safety testing standards that apply to their particular products. Significant changes are still talking place in product safety testing standards with an emphasis on the worldwide harmonization of product safety testing standards and global specifications.

Electrical product safety testing at the design and development states as well as at the production stage is important to ensure that all products are safety before reaching the end-user. Many manufacturers will practice a pre-compliance testing that offers the advantage of ensuring that an electrical product is designed and constructed to meet the necessary performance levels before the manufacturer has committed to a full-scale production of the product.

From the beginning the design process for any new electrical product, the objective of the designer must ensure that the correct level of protection against electric shock is incorporated into the design. This involves considering protection for both the person who has to build the product and the eventual end-user.
The contents of major assessment
Electric Shock
Excessive temperature
Mechanical hazards
Fire : overload, part failure, insulation break, arc
- I.T.E Equipments: Personal Computer, Fax Machine, Monitor, Power Supply・
- Audio/Video Equipments: Audio, Video, VTR, TV・..
- Home Appliances: Washing Machine, Hair Dryer, ・
- Measuring Equipments: Oscilloscope, Digital Multi-meter, or other equipments for use Lab.
- Industrial Equipment: Controller, Industrial panel・.
UL 60950-1, IEC60950-1, EN60950-1: I.T.E Equipments
UL60065, IEC60065, EN60065: Audio/Video Equipments
IEC60335 series, EN60335 series, UL867, UL2111, UL778..: Home Appliances
UL3111, IEC61010 series, EN61010 series: Measuring Equipments
UL 508 series, EN50178, EN61800・: Industrial Equipment
- 3m X 3m X 3m Built-In Humidity Chamber 1EA
- Total 104 measuring equipments
- Americas area: UL, c-UL, CSA, NRTL/C, NOM, other NRTL cert・.
- Europe area: CE marking, NEMKO, TUV, FIMKO, SEMKO ・
- IEC: CB report
- Asia area : eK, MIC, CCC, PSE, KOLAS Report